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March 15th, 2022 by

Kalispell Volkswagen can take care of all your windshield repair needs.  We repair all rock chips and replace cracked windshields.  We use OEM and aftermarket parts.  Windshield technology is more advanced than most people realize.  There is much more that goes into it than just simply replacing the glass.  Most newer vehicles must now be recalibrated after the glass is replaced. 

The Importance of Recalibration During Windshield Repair

Recalibration is a very important step when replacing a windshield.  Most vehicles on the road are now equipped with ADAS.  ADAS stands for Advanced Driving Assistance System.  This system is to assist in driving errors and alert the driver from obstacles on the road.  Lane Departure Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, and Blind Spot Monitor are a few examples of safety systems that rely on the ADAS.  The ADAS relies upon the vehicle’s sensors and cameras.  When recalibrating the camera being off by just a few millimeters can cause the ADAS to be off by a few feet when driving.  When thinking about Lane Departure Assist, being off by a few feet could be extremely dangerous!  Static recalibration ensures all ADAS features are working properly.  By setting up targets in front of the vehicle the cameras, sensors, and lasers are checked for accuracy and traceability. 

You can see why having a trusted technician is so important.  Daniel Ortiz takes his job very seriously!  He has a Certificate of Completion in Opti-Aim and has been recalibrating windshields for 3 years.  Daniel knows the importance of being spot on during the recalibration process.  Not only does he establish 100% system approval but also envisions having his own family in every vehicle to ensure it’s safe.   

We give free estimates which include parts and labor.  Give us a call at 406-756-9994 for your free windshield repair quote.  You can also visit our website Kalispell Volkswagen to schedule an appointment. 

Danny recalibrating a windshield