Why Buy Used?

At Kalispell VW we offer a large selection of new and used Volkswagen vehicles. We also offer a wide variety of used vehicles in other makes and models. There are many benefits of purchasing a used car. Some of those benefits include- vehicle history reports, staying within a budget, reduced insurance rates, and less depreciation. We know everyone wishes they could afford that $44,000 Volkswagen Atlas SEL Premium. If you can, check out these Atlas vehicles we have in stock. If you are on a little tighter budget, we want you to know that Kalispell VW is the place for you to buy your next used car.


Vehicle History Reports

 There used to be a lot of mystery surrounding the purchase of a used car. Thanks to tools such as CarFax and Auto Check that mystery has been greatly diminished. You can see the entire history of a vehicle from regular maintenance to major collisions. These tools promote the same transparency that our dealership prides itself on. All of our used cars come complete with a free CarFax report.


Staying Within a Budget

You have decided that your family needs a new car. Now the big question- how much can you afford? At Kalispell Volkswagen, we offer used cars ranging from $42,000 all the way down to $4,900. We have a selection of Cars under 10k. Don’t let the fact that you are on a budget deter you from getting your family into a “new” used car.

Reduced Insurance Rates

Insurance rates consider a lot of different factors. Safety features, driver history, vehicle model, and the level of coverage you chose. With that in mind, insurance on a used car averages $105 cheaper than a new car. The Zebra conducted a study comparing insurance rates on new and used vehicles and found there was a correlation between the cost of insurance and the age of the vehicle.

Less Depreciation

According to CarFax, a new car can lose more than 10% value in the first month of ownership. When you purchase a used car, the vehicle has already been depreciated. This means that the person who first purchased the car, when it was new, already took the brunt of the depreciation. When you buy a used car, you don’t have to be so concerned with the depreciation of the used car.


Kalispell Volkswagen ensures that all used cars are inspected by factory-trained technicians. That means that a trained mechanic has looked at the vehicle and assured it has no major mechanical problems. View our inventory today or contact us to learn more about our large selection of used cars.