Where is My Volkswagen Made?

February 7th, 2024 by

Have you ever wondered where Volkswagen vehicles are made? From the sleek Arteon to the versatile Tiguan, Volkswagen’s lineup comprises a diverse range of vehicles crafted in different corners of the globe. Let’s take a closer look at the production facilities responsible for bringing these iconic vehicles to life.


The Volkswagen Arteon is known for its elegant design and premium features. Furthermore, its meticulously crafted at Volkswagen’s state-of-the-art facility in Emden, Germany. Situated in Lower Saxony, this production plant ensures that every Arteon meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Therefore, reflecting the precision engineering synonymous with German automotive manufacturing.


The Volkswagen Jetta is a perennial favorite among compact sedan enthusiasts. It is assembled with care at Volkswagen’s manufacturing plant in Puebla, Mexico. Boasting modern facilities and a skilled workforce, the Puebla plant plays a pivotal role in producing the Jetta for markets around the world. Thus, showcasing Volkswagen’s commitment to excellence in automotive manufacturing.

Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport

The Volkswagen Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport are spacious and versatile SUV’s. Designed for families on the go,  this model is proudly manufactured at Volkswagen’s state-of-the-art facility in Chattanooga, Tennessee. With its robust construction and ample interior space, the Atlas exemplifies the ingenuity and craftsmanship of American automotive manufacturing. As well as catering to the preferences of discerning SUV enthusiasts.


The Volkswagen Taos is a compact SUV that blends style, performance, and practicality. Likewise, it is crafted at Volkswagen’s production plant in Puebla, Mexico. Leveraging advanced manufacturing technologies and a skilled workforce. The Puebla facility ensures that every Taos meets Volkswagen’s stringent standards for quality, reliability, and driving dynamics.


Similar to the Taos, the Volkswagen Tiguan, renowned for its versatility and upscale amenities, is manufactured at Volkswagen’s facility in Puebla, Mexico. With its sleek design and refined interior, the Tiguan embodies Volkswagen’s commitment to delivering exceptional driving experiences to customers worldwide. All while being produced in the heart of Mexico.


As one of Volkswagen’s most iconic models, the Volkswagen Golf has been synonymous with automotive excellence for decades. Produced at Volkswagen’s historic manufacturing plant in Wolfsburg, Germany, the Golf benefits from the brand’s rich heritage and engineering expertise. As well as setting the benchmark for compact hatchbacks around the world.


The Volkswagen ID.4 is an all-electric SUV poised to lead the brand’s electric mobility revolution. In fact, it is proudly manufactured at Volkswagen’s cutting-edge facility in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In addition to its innovative electric drivetrain and sustainable production practices, the ID.4 represents Volkswagen’s vision for a greener, more sustainable future. All while being crafted in the United States.

In summary, Volkswagen vehicles are produced at world-class manufacturing facilities located in key regions across the globe. For example, Germany, Mexico and the United States. Whether it’s the precision engineering of the Arteon in Emden, the craftsmanship of the Jetta in Puebla, or the innovation of the ID.4 in Chattanooga, each Volkswagen model reflects the unique blend of expertise, technology, and passion that defines the brand.

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