myVW | The New VW App to Keep You Connected

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Have all the tools and information you need about your vehicle at your fingertips with the new myVW App.  Simply download the myVW mobile app to your smartphone or log in using your browser at  Tailored to each owner and their vehicle.  Learn about all the available features below.

Remote Access

Vehicle Access

Check the status of your vehicle directly from your smartphone.  Have the ability to lock/ unlock your doors, honk the horn, flash your lights, or remote start your vehicle.  You can also search and send destinations that are then uploaded directly to your car’s navigation.

Guardian Services

Set custom alerts that show you when, where and how someone else is driving your car.  Perfect for teenage drivers!  This feature allows you to set boundary alerts, curfew, speed, and valet alerts.  Get true peace of mind your vehicle and precious cargo are safe at all times.

Diagnostics and Maintenance

Now your car can tell you when it needs attention.  Get notifications for required repairs and services including recalls.  Get Assistance with scheduling service at your preferred dealership.  This feature also includes roadside car assistance, monthly vehicle health reports, and a dealer locator.   Never waste time searching for a parking space again!  With the myVW app, you can locate parking spots with Parkopedia.  Forget where you parked your vehicle?  myVW will even guide you to your car in the event you can not find it.

Safe and Secure

Stay protected in the event of an emergency with features like:

-Emergency Assistance

-Automatic Crash Notifications

-Anti-Theft Alerts

-Stolen Vehicle Location Assistance

WiFi Hotspot

Most of us lead busy lives.  Have more freedom with the pleasure of getting your work done anywhere with a WiFi Hotspot in your car.  Additionally, you can connect up to 4 devices at once.

A few other features include:

-Plus online Radio

Listen to all your favorite music with this online internet radio

-Plus Speech

Use this hands free online In-vehicle voice controls to keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

-Plus Navigation

Get the most up to dates maps.  Search for parking, gas stations, and more if you are in an unfamiliar area.

myVW App

Staying informed and connected with myVW will hopefully relieve some of the daily worries so you can concentrate on what matters.  For questions or assistance with setting up myVW on your vehicle, stop into our Kalispell Volkswagen dealership or give us a call at 406-752-8989.

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