Evolution of the Volkswagen Golf

May 9th, 2023 by

Since the Volkswagen Golf was introduced in 1974, it has been associated with the compact class. That association coined the vehicle as the “Golf class.” Since then, everyone has had to compete with the Golf. With more than 35 million units of the Volkswagen Golf sold in the last 45 years, it safely compares to someone buying a Golf every 40 seconds around the world. Easily putting the Golf as one of Volkswagen’s most successful models.


Where did it start?

In 1974 Volkswagen presented the first Golf, the successor to the beetle. The golf was revolutionary for Volkswagen as the overall body shape was stirring away from round to a more angular silhouette with a horizontal front. That change in vehicle layout caused Volkswagen to sell 6.99 million Golfs within its first year of production.

layout of the first Golf model

How it evolved

Over the seven generations, the Golf still retains its original classic character. Although the current model is radically restyled both in and out. You can expect it to have more style touches and more power coming at 241 horsepower. It relies on a set of touch-sensitive controls as well as including a new driver assistance program. Although its safe to say Volkswagen modernized the Golf from what it once was it is still Volkswagens most popular vehicle worldwide. Its won many awards even being proclaimed as the World Car of the Year. Which is a jury of 100 automotive journalists from 32 countries world wide announcing it the best car.


Layout of the 8th generation Golf

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