Electric or Gas? Volkswagen ID.4 VS Tiguan

May 23rd, 2023 by

How does the ID.4 compare to the Volkswagen Tiguan? Which is a gasoline SUV of similar size and is considered the brand’s closest counterpart. The Tiguan is known for its compact yet roomy design, enjoyable driving experience, and cost-effectiveness. Its versatile nature and low operating expenses have earned it a strong reputation among owners. Will the ID.4 outshine the Tiguan in terms of appeal and environmental friendliness? Keep reading to see how they compare.

Volkswagen ID.4 VS Tiguan

Volkswagen ID.4 VS Tiguan

Interior Differences

One of the biggest differences other than what’s under the hood of these vehicles is the interior space. While their physical footprints are similar, the electric ID.4s interior is far more spacious than the gasoline-powered Tiguan. This is due to the electric motor being significantly more compact than gasoline engines. The placement of the motor has also allowed for a longer wheelbase. That longer wheelbase created a generous cargo space and ample head and leg space. Both the ID.4 and the Tiguan have comfortable seats and are impressively high quality for the price. Although the ID.4 is much more futuristic in its design. Almost all control features are on the large touch screen or capacitive sliders. This could be a learning curve if you wouldn’t consider yourself to be tech-savvy. The Tiguan is much more user-friendly. The Tiguan still has all the latest tech features while maintaining that old-school VW interior with physical controls.

Tech Features

Besides the ID.4 touchscreen system, it also comes with a variety of features bundled under the IQ Drive. The IQ Drive is also available in the Tiguan but as an optional upgrade on different trim levels. The Tiguan and the ID.4 come with the My VW app and the VwCar- Net System, which adds features like remote start, lock and unlock, vehicle locator, and vehicle alerts. The ID.4s version also allows you to monitor the state of your vehicle’s charge as well as activate the climate control system to pre-heat or cool. Enhancing overall comfortability.

How They Drive

The Tiguan offers a 2.0- liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine which produces 184 horsepower. The steering is sharp and brakes are smooth overall creating a safe and comfortable ride. The ID.4 on the other hand boasts of a single motor producing 201 horsepower. while that is more than the Tiguan the ID.4 has more weight. The all wheel version even gets up to 295 horsepower. With no gears to shift in between you can expect a smooth drive.


On paper the ID.4 looks expensive compared to the Tiguan. With a range between $41,230-$47,230 it seems steep to the Tiguan at $26,490-$37,230 but there are some factors to consider. With the rising cost of fuel going electric would save you money in the long run. It also creates less maintenance costs with no oil changes needed. The ID.4 also should be eligible for a 7,500 federal rebate as well making that initial MSRP price feel a little better.


Which one would you choose, the Tiguan or the ID.4? Would you make the switch to electric? let me know in the comments!