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March 28th, 2022 by

Here at the Kalispell Volkswagen Dealership, we have a full Detail Department!  Every new and used vehicle is fully detailed before arriving at our lot.  We go above and beyond to make every vehicle shine!  Before getting started on the detail process, the Detail department preps every vehicle.  First, the exterior is rinsed.  Secondly, any tar and bug debris is removed from the exterior surface.  Then the motor and all other components under the hood are cleaned.  

We don’t skip a beat when it comes to getting the interior up to our standards.  All trash, debris, and personal customer information is removed from each vehicle. It is then given a thorough vacuum.  At that point, all the interior plastic is cleaned.  Once everything is removed and washed the entire interior is shampooed and steam cleaned.  Next, the windows, weather mats, and carpet mats are scrubbed fresh.  Once everything is immaculate and dry the mats are put back in place.

Before the vehicle is sent to any dealership it is further inspected for any exterior blemishes.  Our Detail Department performs PDR (paint less dent removal).   As well as any needed touch-up paint.  Once everything is in tip-top shape the vehicle is waxed, buffed, and sent for photos to be displayed on our website.  We have the utmost pride in our vehicles!  Not only do we want to ensure they are safe and reliable, but we also want them to look their best!  

To see a full line of our inventory visit our Kalispell Volkswagen Dealership website.

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